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May 30, 2016

imageMemorial Day thoughts to you.



January 15, 2016

The herring are running in San Francisco Bay and somehow the birds know.  Nature is amazing! On this beautiful winter day, hundreds and hundreds of birds are circling the water and feeding.  There are flocks of ducks of all different variety and color, flocks of geese, pelicans so full they can barely sit upright or fly, and sea gulls.  They are everywhere – in the air, sunning themselves on the rocks and shoreline, floating in the gentle waves – but always eating.  And frolicking among the birds are the many seals and sea lions -eating, gliding and barking happily.  What a wonderful sight!                                                                www.powerhiking.comBirds 1:15Birds 3 1:15Birds 2 1:15


November 21, 2015

What an amazing sight – the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center!  Yes, the holidays are coming and New York City is getting ready.  A tradition for years is the Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony.  It is a world wide symbol of the holiday season and people come to see it from all over the world.  Once lit, it holds court above the ice rink and draws thousands to see it and ice skate.  This year the tree will be lit on December 2nd  and there will be live entertainment above the ice rink and by the tree from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  What a fun and festive way to spend the evening!  Photo is waiting for the tree……                                                  www.powerhiking.comRockefeller Center-1


November 16, 2015

Crisp, cool and clear, the sky is a dazzling blue and the Bay sparkles.  What a beautiful day in San Francisco.  Wind and rain has cleaned the air and the views are amazing.  Schools of fish are running and flocks of birds frolick happily on the water trying to get them.  What a day to enjoy!                          www.powerhiking.combirds


December 15, 2014

birds 3The rain in California is getting tiresome.  Only the birds like it! birds


November 7, 2014

Whimsical, fun and family friendly, The GREY WOLF LODGE in Kansas City, Kansas is a great family treat.  Bears, deer and wolf abound and a bear bench greats you at the entrance. Each visitor is presented with wolf ears to wear and all the clientele wander the hotel admiring the huge bears, deer, elk and moose wearing the wolf ears.  There is an enormous outdoor swimming pool, a whimsically bear oriented miniature golf course, a larger than life video game room and, the highlight, indoor water slides.  The water slides operate year round and it is great fun to watch adults as well as children splash through the bears, wolves and animals.  A small baby pool watches over the water slides.  It is truly a fun filled paradise!  There are chests, photographs, statues and all manor of magical items throughout the Lodge corridors, all rendered to life and speech by the magical wand in a child’s hand.  Food is good and abundant and the staff delightful.  If you are in the Kansas City, Kansas vicinity, the Grey Wolf Lodge is a must visit!

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June 30, 2014

The soccer world is watching Brazil.  The tennis world is watching England.  While the excitement of the games and matches continues, television shows us the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana and Ipanema.  We take the cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain and we view the magnificent giant statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Carcovado Mountain.  In England we visit the  quaint village of Wimbledon as well as views back in London of Big Ben, The River Thames and the amazing London Eye.  Does it make you want to travel?  It sure does!


June 4, 2014

There are few things more dramatic and more beautiful than the sun setting over Puget Sound and the sky ablaze with glorious color. Seattle is the place to be this summer.  SEAFAIR is the first part of August and it is the perfect time to experience the traditional spirit of the Northwest.  Enjoy the sun, music and water as the Blue Angels soar in the skies and hydroplanes dash across Lake Washington.  The fleet comes in and everyone takes to their boat or a local ferry. You can visit the beautiful Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island or wander Azalea Trail or Rhododendron Glen in the Washington Arboretum.  Visit the Japanese Tea Garden, Pioneer Square, the Chittenden Lochs, or relax on a ferry boat tour of the lakes.  Do not miss Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum or the top of the Space Needle.  There is so much to see, do and enjoy in Seattle!  Let PowerHiking Seattle help you plan your trip.

FALL BLOEDEL BloedelBloedelJapanese Tea Garden SeattlePH_Seattle-Cover_225Lake WashingtonSeattle Sunset


June 2, 2014

On the highway leading to Mt. Hood and nestled on acres of tall trees near Rhododendron, Oregon, sits Forrest Lodge.  What a find and what an absolutely fabulous spot to get away and relax and enjoy!  Nearby you will find skiing and winter sports in the winter and swimming, boating, wind surfing and all different water sports on the nearby Columbia River in summer.  Hiking Trails abound and golf is not far.  There are wineries for wine tasting and spectacular sightseeing along the magnificent scenic Columbia Gorge.  Take in Multnomah Falls or the Bonneville Lock and Dam and Fish Ladder. Or just relax among the trees and wander the Wildflower or Forrest Trails.  You will love Forrest Lodge! for contact information.Trees Forrest LodgeForrest LodgeForrest Trail Forrest LodgeWildflower Trail Forrest LodgeTotem Forrest Lodge


May 31, 2014

ParadiseAk Row50MainStreetNestled on the edge of San Francisco Bay, the quaint and scenic town of Tiburon is celebrating its 50th birthday.  Originally a railroad town, the downtown waterfront is the old railroad yard and the Railroad Museum is open tonight.  The trains came down from the north and individual cars were loaded onto ferries to take them to San Francisco.  No longer functional, the railroad yard has been converted to a beautiful waterfront park.  This, as well as Main Street, is the location of tonight’s celebration.  There are bands playing to celebrate the 50th birthday and food trucks as well as games for the children.  Nestled on the edge of the bay, the waterfront is the perfect spot to view the celebritory fireworks. What a wonderful evening for the town of Tiburon – now 50 years old!

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