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September 25, 2016

Burnet Road in Austin is the emerging hot spot in the city.  A street once filled with car repair shops has renewed itself as a “must be” location.  You still see a car shop or two but Burnet Road is now home to chic shops, restaurants, cafes and ice cream – definitely worth the visit.

Also not to be missed in Austin is Scholz Garten.  Sitting right next to the University of Texas campus, the ambiance and the beautiful patio are another “must see”.  You simply cannot go to a UT football game without a stop at Scholz’ on the way – that is of course if you can get in!  Still a lot of fun at any other time it has been a favorite in Austin since 1866.  Iaustin-2t is always a stop on an Austin visit.



May 30, 2016

imageMemorial Day thoughts to you.


May 21, 2016

The hottest spot in Austin and the coolest place to visit is the South Congress Hotel.  New and chic it is not just a hotel but the center of “the” place to be!  It is modern with top restaurants like Otoko, Cafe No Se and Central Standard and brings in the locals as well as visitors.  Sharp shops and an outdoor bar, there is also an open courtyard, home to free concerts.  It is located on South Congress Avenue, where pedestrians wander day and night and options for dining range from yummy Italian to the best burgers in town to a lemonade stand.  South Congress Avenue is user friendly and has something for everyone – great fun but low-key and unspoiled.  Worth a visit!                                www.powerhiking.comSouth Congress AVenue