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September 11, 2016



June 27, 2016

Trees, water, blue sky and sunshine – what could be better than a day at Bon Tempe Lake! Bon Tempe Lake is a favorite of hikers, runners and joggers in Marin County and it is easy to understand why.  The scenery is spectacular.  Part of the Marin County watershed, it is a wonderful place to hike as the trail is wide, easy to follow and not steep.  The lake is stocked with bass and trout so you will probably see a fisherman or two about as you hike around it’s spectacularly scenic perimeter.  Bon Tempe Lake is a great outing for families as there are picnic tables and bbqs as well.  Plan to visit it soon!                                        www.powerhiking.comBON TEMPE

“…in the warm California sun…”

June 21, 2016

It is summer in the City by the Bay!  Blue skies and lots of sun tell us to go outside and enjoy it.  Early this morning there were runners, people walking, people biking, people kayaking and people just enjoying the beautiful day.  Welcome to summer!                     http://www.powerhiking.comIMG_9024-2IMG_9037-3IMG_9036-2


May 30, 2016

imageMemorial Day thoughts to you.


May 12, 2016

85 years old!  The grand opening of the Empire State Building was May 1, 1931, as President Hoover flipped the switch that turned on the lights to the tallest building in the world at that time. Today there is a new LED lighting system that remotely programs and changes the 16 million colors.  Quite a change from the original lighting system!  We love this icon of the Manhattan skyline!                                                                                                                      www.powerhiking.comP1000162


April 22, 2016

We are excited about TurnStyle at the Columbus Circle Subway Station.  It is new, hot and a great place for shops and food stores. Grab lunch, a quick bite, cookies, a donut or wine – you name it and the subway station has it.  Columbus Circle is one of the busiest subway stations in the city – and our favorite for going uptown or downtown – so this venue should be a great success.  A take off on the food halls of Grand Central Station where you can find just about anything to eat or take out, we are hoping New Yorkers will like it.  And the vendors are all locally owned so, by supporting the venue, you are supporting New York’s own entrepreneurs! Visit it at or, better yet, follow us into the subway station.                                                                            

Springtime San Francisco

April 19, 2016

It is springtime in San Francisco and the weather is wonderful.  Sunny blue skies and mild warm days make everyone want to be outside.  Take advantage and do something fun – even if it s only to gaze at the Bay and smell the fresh sea air.  Enjoy!                                             http://www.powerhiking.comSailboats copySF Ferry


January 30, 2016


Tonight is the night! The stunning light show, The Bay Lights, is returning to the San Francisco Bay Bridge and this time it will be permanent. This immensely popular light display first started a couple of years ago and has recently taken a hiatus. Now it will be back – better than ever for all to enjoy. There will be a beautiful fireworks display to celebrate the relighting of The Bay Lights and the opening of Super Bowl City and a concert by Chris Isaak on The City Stage. What a fun event! We are excited! If you are in the area. try to enjoy it. If not, the relighting will no doubt be on the internet.