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A Tradition Since 1924

November 23, 2016

Since 1924 New York has had the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A event of fun and excitement for the whole family, thousands brave the cold each year to watch and thousands more enjoy it on TV.  The parade originally started with live animals from the city zoo and, taking only a couple of years off during WWII,  has evolved to the giant balloons that thrill millions today.  It is truly a wonderful family tradition and we are looking forward to it.  Hope you can enjoy it too.  Happy Thanksgiving!                            


April 24, 2016

This weekend in Manhattan, New Yorkers of Irish decent will celebrate the centennial of the Sinn Fein Rebellion.  The Irish uprising as well as the famine caused many Irish to abandon their farms and immigrate to New York, helping to shape the great melting pot the city is today.  It is sure that you will hear bagpipes around the city as celebrations take place.  We look forward to visiting PowerHiking’s favorite Irish location – the Irish Hunger Memorial.  It is located in Battery Park City and was constructed to raise awareness of the Irish Famine and subsequent immigration. It is peaceful with views of the Hudson River and is built with stones from all counties in Ireland and native Irish soil and plants.      www.powerhiking.comIrish Hunger Memorial 2Irish Hunger Memorialview from Irish Hunger Memorial