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San Francisco Waterfront

March 17, 2017

Exciting news on the San Francisco waterfront.  Pier 29 has received the OK for the development of retail shops and hopefully a recreational area as well.  This pier has been vacant and unused for years and is a another step in the revitalization and beautification of the San Francisco waterfront area.  There will be shops – most selling homemade San Francisco goods – a wine bar, a coffee roastery, and a craft beer brewery.  We are looking forward to a wonderful addition to this exciting and beautiful area.


April 26, 2016

There is a Starbucks in just about every block in Manhattan.  But now there will be the largest Starbucks in Manhattan.  Opening in the near future in the hot Meatpacking District, the new Starbucks will be the biggest ever in New York City.  Located at 61 Ninth next to the ever so popular and crowded Chelsea Market, there will be a Roastery and a Tasting Room.  Just down the street from the San Francisco Bay Area’s Blue Bottle, the Seattle Starbucks will be Manhattans biggest ever coffee shop and special in every way.  Looking forward to a visit!