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April 26, 2016

There is a Starbucks in just about every block in Manhattan.  But now there will be the largest Starbucks in Manhattan.  Opening in the near future in the hot Meatpacking District, the new Starbucks will be the biggest ever in New York City.  Located at 61 Ninth next to the ever so popular and crowded Chelsea Market, there will be a Roastery and a Tasting Room.  Just down the street from the San Francisco Bay Area’s Blue Bottle, the Seattle Starbucks will be Manhattans biggest ever coffee shop and special in every way.  Looking forward to a visit!                                                         


April 24, 2016

This weekend in Manhattan, New Yorkers of Irish decent will celebrate the centennial of the Sinn Fein Rebellion.  The Irish uprising as well as the famine caused many Irish to abandon their farms and immigrate to New York, helping to shape the great melting pot the city is today.  It is sure that you will hear bagpipes around the city as celebrations take place.  We look forward to visiting PowerHiking’s favorite Irish location – the Irish Hunger Memorial.  It is located in Battery Park City and was constructed to raise awareness of the Irish Famine and subsequent immigration. It is peaceful with views of the Hudson River and is built with stones from all counties in Ireland and native Irish soil and plants.      www.powerhiking.comIrish Hunger Memorial 2Irish Hunger Memorialview from Irish Hunger Memorial


April 22, 2016

We are excited about TurnStyle at the Columbus Circle Subway Station.  It is new, hot and a great place for shops and food stores. Grab lunch, a quick bite, cookies, a donut or wine – you name it and the subway station has it.  Columbus Circle is one of the busiest subway stations in the city – and our favorite for going uptown or downtown – so this venue should be a great success.  A take off on the food halls of Grand Central Station where you can find just about anything to eat or take out, we are hoping New Yorkers will like it.  And the vendors are all locally owned so, by supporting the venue, you are supporting New York’s own entrepreneurs! Visit it at or, better yet, follow us into the subway station.                                                                            

Springtime San Francisco

April 19, 2016

It is springtime in San Francisco and the weather is wonderful.  Sunny blue skies and mild warm days make everyone want to be outside.  Take advantage and do something fun – even if it s only to gaze at the Bay and smell the fresh sea air.  Enjoy!                                             http://www.powerhiking.comSailboats copySF Ferry


April 14, 2016

We are so excited about the Tribeca Film Festival!  Starting this afternoon and lasting 12 days, it was once much shorter.  The Festival was started to help revitalize the Lower Manhattan area following 9/11.  What a success!  Tribeca is a very popular neighborhood with many fun and yummy restaurants and currently is a very “in” place to live.  It has been revitalized!  Don’t miss the chance to visit.