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February 15, 2015

It is still winter but you would never know it!Still Winter 1JPGStill Winter 2



February 7, 2015

With the sun rising behind Angel Island and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge glowing in the morning sunlight, it is winter in San Francisco.  There is rain.  There is fog.  There is wind and cold to come.  But today is a day of warmth and sun and beauty and a day to be enjoyed.  Birds are flying in the sky. Geese and ducks fly in formation.  Pelicans skim the water looking for food.  Listen to the seals barking as they frolic among the birds.  Winter, yes, but a beautiful sunny day.SF WinterAngel Island


February 6, 2015

The herring are running in San Francisco Bay and the birds are following. Flocks of pelicans, geese, sea gulls and ducks – white billed black ducks, white faced black ducks, ducks with white wings and mallards – are swarming the water. What a sight to see their frenzied activity and then to watch them skim the water in great numbers and beautiful formations. As the herring move, the birds follow and soon they are gone.BirdsBirds 2