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December 8, 2012

Fall is fabulous at the beautiful Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.  PowerHiking ( visited recently and it was splendid.  Bright sunlight sparkled on the trees and the fall colors of the leaves, as well as dappling the wooded trails.  The walk through the grounds was truly amazing and inspiring.  What a unique and wonderful spot to visit.  In addition to the beauty and serenity, we were in for a delightful surprise.  Many of the trails, trees and benches were whimsically bedecked with reserve grown gourds and pumpkins.  They were all shapes, sizes and colors and all artfully placed.  We found them in the crooks of trees, tucked into natural forest sculptures and stumps, suspended from overhanging limbs and reclining on benches.  The Reserve horticulturalist, Andy Navage, is as clever as he is artistic an skillful.  The Bloedel Reserve is truly a treasure of the Pacific Northwest.  PowerHiking cannot wait to visit during the holidays to see the many creative decorations!FALL AT BLOEDELBLOEDEL PUMPKINSFALL PUMPKINS BLOEDEL