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PowerHiking attended the Healthcare Business Women’s Conference in San Francisco at the St. Francis Hotel. It was the last night of the conference, and attendees were treated to an evening in the Pavillion Ballroom on the 32nd floor, with delicious food and entertainment provided by Wine, Women and Shoes! There were fine wines to taste, hot shoes to buy, along with other must-have jewelry, bags, and, of course, PowerHiking books! Great fun had by all!

November 28, 2009

So the PowerHiking team is off to New Zealand via Sydney Australia for some fun adventures. Keep checking the blog to see what we discover!

November 28, 2009

Hiked the high country of Cantebury yesterday near Cass and the Cass River. The scenery is stunning – high snow covered peaks, spectacular views and gorgeous big trees. Off on the farm and station tour now here at fabulous Grasmere Lodge.

November 2, 2009

Thrill-seeking powerhikers went out into the bush on quad bikes yesterday, bumping over rutted muddy roads, river bed rocks, and crossing over and through the river! Then we drove to Arthur’s Pass inthe high mountain chain on the South Island, to a high mountain retreat called Grasmere Lodge. It’s a former sheep station, now a luxury lodge with spa, outdoor heated pool, tennis court, and acres of gardens, all set into dramatic snowy peaked mountains. Fly fishing for the power partners, and walking for the powerhikers!

November 1, 2009