Beautiful weather for walking San Francisco yesterday. The Ferry Building was alive with people enjoying the weather and the farmers’ market.

September 24, 2009


August 24, 2016

Nestled in downtown Music City, Nashville’s famous Hermitage Hotel is walking distance from Ryman Auditorium, the State Capitol and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. NASHVILLE The Hermitage is a jewel in the middle of the financial district and any visit to the Music City is not complete without a visit to The Hermitage Hotel.  It is near historic 2nd Avenue and not far from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  Dating from 1908, The Hermitage Hotel is historic in its own right.  Built in Beaux Arts style there is a grand staircase and marble pillars and a beautiful painted glass skylight.  It served as headquarters for the Women’s Suffrage Movement and has been visited over the years by celebrities and presidents and diplomats from around the world.  Food at the Capital Grille is famous as is the quiet relaxing comfort of the Oak Bar.  Be sure to visit on your next trip to Nashville.                                                                                                     


August 19, 2016

Is it a bird?  Is it architecture?  Is it beautiful?  Is it awful?  What is the huge white structure near the World Trade Center?  It is the OCULUS – the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub.  Connecting subway lines, ferry boats and trains, the new transportation hub replaces the one destroyed on 9/11.  It is a huge space designed by Santiago Calatrava and symbolizes a bird getting ready to take off.  With lots of natural light from the roof long skylight, this new building is the place to be.  The transportation hub located stories below has been open several months.  But it was just on Tuesday that the grand opening of the new Westfield World Trade Center Mall took place to much fanfare, music and entertainment.  Eventually it will house 100 shops and restaurants – including an enormous Apple Store – in addition to two hotels and a performing arts center.  It will definitely be a destination in Lower Manhattan for shopping and eating and, of course, New Yorkers have a definite opinion on the new structure.  They love it or they hate it but it will definitely be a scene to visit and be seen.                                www.powerhiking.comOCULUSOCULUS SKYLIGHTOCULUS 1


August 13, 2016

Semiahmoo.  What an unusual name.  Not in the Northwest!  About two hours north of Seattle and a half an hour south of Vancouver is Semiahmoo.  Nestled on a peninsula between Semiahmoo Bay on the Samish Sea to the west and Drayton Bay on the east, Semiahmoo is tranquil, quiet and beautiful. The water is cold and the beach is a restful place to walk or read or just meditate and admire the beauty. There is golf, swimming, tennis, trails for hiking and walking – just about whatever activity you want.  Walk next to the water along the Coast Millennium Trail, with views of both bays. And there is fishing! With views galore, siting on one of the large sea logs on the beaches is the perfect spot.  Too chilly?  Sit by the roaring fire or roast s’mores in the outdoor fire pit.  This area was originally inhabited by the Semiahmoo Indians.  It was visited by the Spanish and British explorers and the United States Navy in the early 1800s, but it was not until the Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858 that settlers came to the area. In 1870 the nearby town of Blaine was founded and became known for its canneries.  The word semiahmoo means half moon or water all around and that is exactly what Semiahmoo looks like.     http://www.powerhiking.comIMG_9735IMG_9710IMG_9717IMG_9688


August 9, 2016

Like groupies we are glued to the TV set each night watching the 2016 Olympics and the beautiful panoramas of Rio.  What a glorious city!  Yes, it has its problems, but the scenery is beyond fabulous.  Loved the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony as well.  What a visual treat!  Smiles, laughter, dancing, singing interspersed with lights and sound and music!  It was honest, earnest and fun!  From the history to the color to the music and the fireworks – it was fun!  Maracana Stadium and the sites and scenes of the beautiful landscape left us thrilled.  And what about Ipanema!!!!  Amazing!  The games have begun.  Let the party begin as well.                                                                                     


July 30, 2016

A favorite of Californians and tourists alike, the yearly Gilroy Garlic Festival is fun for all in the family.  You will find entertainment, children’s activities, food and cooking demonstrations and the Gourmet Alley – a huge outdoor kitchen.  Everything is cooked with garlic and you can eat just about anything with garlic, including ice cream.  And you can smell the garlic for miles!  The Gilroy Garlic Festival takes place this year July 29 – 31.  Tickets can be purchased online and it is a great time for everyone.  Can you smell the garlic???                                                                      


July 22, 2016

The NENE or Hawaiian Goose is the Hawaiian national bird.NENE

The distinctive black head and searching eyes can be found on Kauai, among other islands. While the NENE is usually found in the wild and is skittish but beautiful, many resorts keep them on property and they happily habitat around ponds and waterfalls.  They are always well fed by the caretakers so happy to stay on property.  They have few predators so do not need to fly and their wings are weaker than most geese.  An endangered species, the NENE is great fun to watch.                                                                                                            While the NENE is, indeed, the national bird of Hawaii, on Kauai many believe that it is the chicken.  Wild chickens run everywhere – on the golf course, along the sidewalk, on the road, on the beach, in parking lots – everywhere!  Ask anyone on Kauai and they will tell you the chicken is the national bird of Kauai!  There are no natural predators so thousands roam the island at will.  You will see entire families – little chicks following behind – roaming the post office parking lot in Koloa Town, emerging from under a bush on a golf course and in every park and on every beach.  They are everywhere!  Foraging for food, the chickens are a favorite of tourists.  Ask any native of Kauai and they will tell you that the chickens used to be domesticated and on farms but the hen houses were destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992 and the rest is history.  The Kauai chicken does add a special charm to an island visit.ROOSTER


June 27, 2016

Trees, water, blue sky and sunshine – what could be better than a day at Bon Tempe Lake! Bon Tempe Lake is a favorite of hikers, runners and joggers in Marin County and it is easy to understand why.  The scenery is spectacular.  Part of the Marin County watershed, it is a wonderful place to hike as the trail is wide, easy to follow and not steep.  The lake is stocked with bass and trout so you will probably see a fisherman or two about as you hike around it’s spectacularly scenic perimeter.  Bon Tempe Lake is a great outing for families as there are picnic tables and bbqs as well.  Plan to visit it soon!                                        www.powerhiking.comBON TEMPE

“…in the warm California sun…”

June 21, 2016

It is summer in the City by the Bay!  Blue skies and lots of sun tell us to go outside and enjoy it.  Early this morning there were runners, people walking, people biking, people kayaking and people just enjoying the beautiful day.  Welcome to summer!                     http://www.powerhiking.comIMG_9024-2IMG_9037-3IMG_9036-2


June 8, 2016

Don’t mis the first concert tonight in Washington Square.  It is the start of the Washington Square Music Festival with a different concert each week in June.  Every concert is free and this has been a tradition in NYC since the 50s. It is the second oldest outdoor series of free music concerts in the City.  What fun in a beautiful park!


May 30, 2016

imageMemorial Day thoughts to you.


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